The Comedy Of Errors

. The Comedy Of Errors January 23, 2023, 23:23 . Hurry! TIME will expire! Sold out is the Theater. Bring your own chair, if you want to sit. . Hurry! As Earth still turning! Take a bunch of popcorn, that you mumpf and you chew, as stage lit. . Earth is, what you are watching. […]

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There Is One Will

. There Is One Will January 21, 2023, 21:21 . There is One Will, and that is All There Is. In vain you wear your culotte à l’inverse. . There is One Will, and that is All There Is, for One Alone Heads the Universe! . How many Aeons still refuse to see, how miserably […]

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There Once Was A King

. There Once Was A King January 19, 2023, 19:01 . There once was a King, who saw far in the Future, and grand was his Love in his Heart… He couldn’t stand darkness, exploit of children, and took the decision to start… . To start the Great Battle, Impossible Battle, demolish the reign of […]

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It Will Crash And Will Smash

. It Will Crash And Will Smash January 4, 2023, 13:11 . It will crash and will smash, and the oceans will splash, Nature Elements will cleanse Mother Earth, . Till the last nano worm infiltrated in man, to destroy Divine Plan of Rebirth! . It will crush all construct made against Father’s Will, in […]

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A Miracle Mighty

. A Miracle Mighty December 20, 2022, 12:00 . Do you feel all around, darkness all dissipates, like His butterflies, all Heavenly, fly, . And prepare the veil to be lifted in force, so not ever a child would cry? . Can you hear the Commanders of all Star Fleets in Space, ranging all in […]

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Precious, Your Words

. Precious, Your Words December 18, 2022, 18:18 . Oh, how precious, Your Words, when alone… Not alone any more, through Your Words… . Yes, the tears still fall, but so gleeful, when sweet Father gently touches heart chords… . Down run all, eternal the Aeons… Universes fulfill Cosmic Race. . Life so wondrous, through […]

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You Are My Victory!

. You Are My Victory! November 10, 2022, 11:10 . And when I thought I’m lost, I first saw You! Magnificent, in sparkling Brilliance… . In loving, Divine arms, You lift me up, and started teaching me the Art of Dance… . The Dance You teach me is an ocean breeze… It is the gliding […]

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Is The Time Now?

. Is The Time Now? November 4, 2022, 12:04 . The Time is NOW, Warriors like to say. Is the time NOW? Guess my Father and I know how far is NOW stretching!… . For it was always NOW, for some Aeons and more, quite in spite of all loving and apt ever teaching… . […]

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