If they would but know…

  If They Would But Know…   Oh, if they would but know of Your tenderness, grace, and Your Love, infinite, for all lives,   They would stop in this spot, and would fall on their knees, and for ever throw daggers and knives…   Would they have but a faint feel of Your Love […]

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Just fill all of Creation

  Just Fill All of Creation   Just fill all of Creation with my Joy and my tears, let them fly in the infinite All,   Flap the wings, all Your Angels, and Your mighty Archangels, fill the Cosmos beyond tiny ball!…   Just call bees, whales, dolphins, butterflies, jays and muffins, take my gratitude […]

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I thank You, Father

  I thank You, Father   I thank You, Father, mighty, wondrous Father, for Your gifts to me!   For sending me here, on this glorious planet, to learn to be free!   To free my brothers, and to bring the wonders, of  Your ever Love,   in the happy living, and the godly singing, […]

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In Heaven Celebrations have started

  In Heaven Celebrations Have Started   In Heaven celebrations have started. All Dimensions prepare to dance. Orchestras tune in the Music of Spheres, Universe is awakening from trance!   Telegraphs, all restore into function. Fairies stretch their wings into play. The connections start send joyful message, for today has arrived The Great Day!   […]

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There Is No Greater Beauty

  There Is No Greater Beauty January 18, 2020, 23:23   There is no greater Beauty than You. I could turn all the Worlds up side down. I could scan Galaxies and all Suns, and plough deep every village and town…   Trembling my heart, when I just look at You! High quiver strings, vibrant […]

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The Time of Miracles

The Time of Miracles   The Time of Miracles on Earth arrived.   Give me your hand, my brother, We Are One.   In Father’s arms we lift this Earth up High.   In Laughter and in Happiness we fly! January 11, 2020 . .  

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For the descent

  For The Descent   For the descent on escalator, that genius clue,   It was in Truth Your sent descending, direct from You. . . . © Reuters / Jonathan Ernst . . . .  

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A New Life has begun

  A New Life Has Begun January 17, 2020, 12:22   A new life has begun. Hear the murmur? Atune your hearts, the strings in holy tremor…   It is inside. Within, the tender music. Is not of me, or you, but God’s, the unique.   A new life has begun. Our New Earth. All […]

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I see the Fires!

  I See The Fires!   I see the Fires! I see mighty blasts! Explosions, Light and Lightning!  The Cosmos all it welcomes, now, the Sons of God, homecoming!   Eternal Father kept His word. We’re saved by One Creator! He sent us Angels, Masters, Saints. To know, each had a Mentor!   He blows […]

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