It’s the Delight!

  It’s The Delight!   It’s the Delight! That is your real nature! That’s your identity as Son of God!   It’s the Delight, in which your Father made you, all Universes blending, lightening rod!   It’s the Delight! But you have lost your vision! This is your Truth, but you won’t me believe,   […]

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Yes, there is a way

Yes, There Is A Way August 30, 2020, 23:11   Yes, there is a way, to be working Wonder: Just keep your faith strong, and fall not asunder.   World right now is chaos. Look not right, nor left. You were raped of Knowing, in an ancient theft.   Talk and laugh with Father. Play […]

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With open arms is waiting He

  With Open Arms Is Waiting HeĀ    With open arms is waiting He, for ages, on Isle of Paradise, Light sparkling dome, for us, His children, to His breast returning, forever in His Love and our Home!   Eternal gates are eternally open! And He is always Home, all day and night! Come Home! […]

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How lovely in Your arms!

  How Lovely in Your Arms! August 28, 2020, 9:09   How lovely in Your loving, loving arms! I cross all worlds, each night, reach Your embrace, my children holding in my arms, as You hold me in Your eternal Love and Grace!   Here we come: Your Lion cubs in flight! Sculpted in high […]

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He knows one million

  He Knows One Million   He knows one million, one billion, one trillion more, what the Love for a child can be.   Before being my children, coming here through me, their real, true Father is He!   All the gifts children give me, all the Joy, all the Love, come from none than […]

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There is no better place

. There Is No Better Place August 26, 2020, 15:55 . . There is no better place than in His arms. You lay in like a little babe, in Love. You hover on a wondrous bed of Light, while He sweetly smiles from above. . There is no better than in His warm arms. He […]

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One day, the Truth

  One Day, The Truth August 22, 2020, 23:23   One day, the Truth has yet to come to Light! Our world has changed. The Sun is rising, bold! Gone is the past. The ground slips away, from under feet, as ancient sages told.   The Darkness Era is now dead and done. In vain […]

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We just have no idea

  We Just Have No Idea August 20, 2020, 22:22   We just have no idea, how this planet is working, and how much, oh, how much is at stake!   We just fall in hypnosis, drink our beer, News ingesting, all like slaves, with no choice left to make!   For our planet invaded, […]

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These are not God’s creation!

  These are Not God’s Creation!   These are not God’s creation. These are raptors and thugs. They crawl deep swamps and miasma, undergrounds and muds…   They have teeth to devour. Their ugliness stinks. How can Father make gators, killer sharks, do you think?   Snakes hit man from behind. Vipers bites, venom kill! […]

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