I Hear From You

  I Hear From You   I hear from You, You are leaning towards us, children Thine, on this plane, lost in Space and in Time, in Your Cosmos, to bless us with new Life and new fame…   I do hear from You, to awaken, to be ready for Blessings of Thine, for the […]

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A mount of courage

  A Mount Of Courage   A mount of courage it takes man to even come here. All the splendors of Heaven you valiantly leave, and you go. Father gives you all Angels and helpers to hold you around, yet, yourself, in the densest of death and turmoil you throw.   O, how sweet, all […]

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Learn Victory!

  Learn Victory!   Learn Victory! And learn to shout again! Learn burst our chest and sound our voice in Space! Learn Victory! For we forgot to be the sovereign, most wondrous Sons of Grace!   Learn Victory! Reverberate to stars! Great moment came right now: we’re all set Free! Our Final Victory is here […]

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  Excalibur March 25, 2020, 11:22   Excalibur slashes the dark construct Null, Now. Betrayal of the Love of God, to ash. The Sword of Light, in one fell swoop, revives God’s Cosmic Order, birthing new and fresh!   New, is mankind breathing, all at once! Our hearts are growing wings in Now, and fly! Dark ages take […]

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That He was nailed on cross!!!

  That He Was Nailed On Cross!!!   That He was nailed on cross!!! Son of The FATHER! Against all Godly Concept, Order, Law!!!   To nasty scream their power, forced control, for all indignant Universes draw!   There are three days, of killing Him, ‘fore Easter, they’ll kill themselves, while bitterly implore,   Forgiveness, […]

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The Times have closed!

  The Times Have Closed!   The Times have closed. Eternity is here. In jumping reached we Liberty Divine.   All Times have stopped. All Lines are in alignment, for all our brothers,  sisters, yours and mine.   It happens now! The Time has disappeared. If slumber still, wake up, the dawn not miss!   […]

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Hello, You wondrous Sun!

  Hello, You Wondrous Sun! Friday, March 13, 17:17   Hello, You wondrous Sun, in blinding Light, my Beautiful Christ Michael Celestial Friend, and my sweet Nebadonia, the Beautiful! How amazingly wondrous You are! Thank You for Your creations, making me happy! That wondrous lily, Father sent through my son, my glorious white orchid, the […]

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Have you learned of the Marvel?

  Have You learned Of The Marvel?   Have you learned of the Marvel, bursting now, in our face, how the Wondrous, our Father, holds our kids in His Grace?   Have you heard of that Wonder, so surprising in might, that is earth over-flooding all the way wide and bright?   Oh, my brothers, […]

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He is my Sound Master

  He Is My Sound Master   He is my Sound Master, said Father. First I thought, eyebrow high – Music Teacher, but the Sound is so infinite in my Father, not to fathom by any earth preacher.   In the Sound there are Father’s pillars. Is the basis for His all construct. Upon this […]

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Return of the Son

  Return Od The Son   . #ExpandYourThinking . “There were many silent Patriots serving as security around the assassinated Presidents son all through his life. Some from far off. These Patriots were also in every level of Government and Military quietly observing/waiting.” . ReturnOfTheSon . . . . 3 March, 2020 “Time and the […]

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