The 7th 7, of Cosmic Light

  The 7th 7, of Cosmic Light  July 7, 2020, 9:19   Of Cosmic Light, already, this mighty day! Do you see worlds exploding, to skies all way?   In Cosmic Light, already, in Cosmic Might, Son of God’s Love appears, in Cosmic Height!   Oh, thought you, is still darkness, all humans lost? Look! […]

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You Know

  You Know July 3, 2020, 3:33 pm   You know, You are the only One I have. You know, You are the only hand sustain me. You know, without You I would be lost. My breath You are, my only means to be.   The only one are You, to count on. Heavy my […]

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And it shall come

  And It Shall Come July 3rd, 2020, 13:33   And it shall come, be sure, the big blow up. If you deny, or laugh at, caught in the trap!   You know exactly’s coming, but still pretend. There is no way to trick Him. This is your end.   Go then: provoke your Father, Divine, Supreme! Release your […]

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The Numbers so Nice!

  The Numbers So Nice! June 22, 2020, 22:22   The numbers, so nice, hold Creation in grip. In a number you can be or not.   You can lose universes, galaxies, stars, sun systems, if you don’t master numbers on spot.   There are cycles and cycles over eons of timelines, and the numbers […]

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I will say it one time

  I Will Say It One Time June 18, 2020, 18:08   I will say it one time for my brothers, mighty warriors on all battlefields, those great heroes, who fought all these eons, higher masters of Sword of Light wields…   I will say it for all of those children, monsters cut them to […]

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Attune a teeny higher!

  Attune A Teeny Higher!   Attune a teeny higher! Look, our time has come! Burst your cage, smash your shackles! We are free, brothers! Done!   Attune a teeny higher! Better yet, make a leap! Do remember your courage! Throw your yoke, do not keep!   Look to skies and feel growing. Reach the […]

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Slowly grasping…

  Slowly Grasping… June 17, 2020, 11:55   Slowly grasping, the memories coming… From how deep in the ages they come? From how far, in the dust of the eons our lives come back now, we thought gone?…   There are spirals in wheels inside cycles. Deep tenebrous, diluvian times… In the abyss, all smashed, […]

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Send me to Florence

  Send Me To Florence   Send me loving to Florence, my Father. Want to honour, in You, my new robe. Want to honour Your Love in my presence, on New Tiny Dot Gaia adobe.   Send me smiling to Florence, my Father, where dulcissimi Fiore all sing, in light Fiorentissimi music, sweetly laughing and […]

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You have no means to grasp

  You Have No Means To Grasp   You have no means to grasp all the Works of My Father! Nor conceive will you ever Acts of Heavenly Brother!   You can fetch some ideas. You can sing some good creeds. How — I ask you, you’ll journey to the core of His Deeds?   […]

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Thanks God!

  Thanks God!   Thanks God! There is a Father of Love, Who can save us right when we think we’re lost!   For He only  knows our eons of Fights, cruel battles and wars, we have fought at all cost!   It was He, Who has healed our wounds, Who has wiped our tears holding […]

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