Each tiny Jay in Joy is celebrated

  Each Tiny Jay in Joy is Celebrated!   Don’t you believe, dark is here much longer, on this so sacred planet we all play! The prison locks are broken, smashed are shackles, In Joy we celebrate each tiny jay!   Don’t think, we’re still the slaves we’ve been for ages! The Father stopped! destruction […]

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Yes! You Are, the Great Mover!

Yes! You Are, The Great Mover! October 14, 2019, 11:22   Yes! You are, the Great Mover! Yes! It’s You, the Great One! One and Only, Creator, of all things, ever done!   Yes! You are, only Father! Highest! High! Oh, so High! In Your heart, we belong all, living Life, all Your sky!   […]

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To bring us back our Hope

  To Bring Us Back Our Hope   To bring us back our hope, it took a while… In shock we took our heads in hands, to cry!   How many children,  God had to be seeing, being killed, when shouting out to the sky?   Imagine! Just imagine Angel’s Trumpets! Imagine child surviving shot […]

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While the World turned

  While the World Turned October 6, 2019, 12:12   While the world turned a vicious shot was screaming! It reached the Heights and all the hearts have stopped!   The wickedness was giving monsters laughter, while Hope and Truth and Love in mankind chopped!   When Heavens heard our Gaia mighty screaming, all armies […]

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The Perfect Victory

  The Perfect Victory October 6, 2019, 11:17   The Perfect Victory is when you and i are One.   IS when YOU and we are ONE.   The Perfect Victory is Our Perfect Unity in HIM!   We as ONE manifest now Our Perfect Victory on Earth!   Let’s shout Our Joy around the […]

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The Wheel of Life

  The Wheel of Life   The Wheel of Life’s heart started now its beating! All Universes start to turn again! The Wheel of Life, newborn for all Mankind, to wondrous life for all of us now came!   It is today, the world regains its vigor. A monstrous murder stopped the world in turn. […]

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For we have never known

  For We Have Never Known   For we have never known, nor did we feel this magic Joy, the essence of all FREEDOM! Immersed were we in suffering and pain, in this Divine, Eternal Loving Kingdom!   So, raise, my brothers! Father has ordained His Light reborn! His Love! His Truth! His FREEDOM! Rejoice […]

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