Father Tells Me

  Father Tells Me   Father tells me  I’m sad because I’m already there. It’s only Time, who’s late. . Archangel Metatron‏ @yustein , November 28, 2019 These are the ones opposing to leave. Dinosaur leftovers… . . Archangel Metatron‏ @yustein , November 29, 2019 #ufo #clouds #sky #alien #et #ascension #atlantis #poseidon #thoth #lanaforge #archangelmetatron #dragons . . […]

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For I Imagine…

  For I Imagine… November 27, 2019, 17:17   For I Imagine… If I put, this gigantic hope, that blows up my heart, in this little boy, three years old, who saluted his father’s cortege, that Great President of America, ASSASINATED!!!…   How much hope,  would You have put, Mighty Father, all over these eons, […]

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If you look at a Human

  If You Look At A Human   If you look at a human in eyes, see His Essence. The same God in your eyes meet His Presence.   Cherish human in front and His Essence. What you mirror  is He and His Presence. . November 26, 2019, Sandia the ET . . . . […]

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Divine Love are you shining

  Divine Love Are You Shining   Divine Love are you shining, Divine Love you express! How you think, you existed, if not by His Love Breath?   You are born in His Wonder! You are Love to the Skies! All your colours, your Splendor, are the Rays of His Eyes!   You are His […]

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The Sacred Liberty in God

  The Sacred Liberty in God   The Sacred Liberty in God is the Law of Creation. For all the Worlds, and Suns, and Stars, and children of all Nations!   The Sacred Liberty in God is Father’s gift the Highest. You cannot think, He born a slave, from Lovest Heart, and Mightest!   We […]

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For you refuse to see

  For you refuse to see   Refuse see, in his face, your enslaver! You prefer to do nothing, and sleep! On your table, one bread, and you tremble, monsters shoot you and kids with a beep.   You go forth in the morning, till night, and you do all your work for a penny! […]

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To deeply we fathom

  To deeply we fathom   To deeply we fathom the value of Truth, we need born new, from the abyss of tears. The suffering inhumane, the monstrous despair took us through ugly death, ugly fears…   Don’t tell me you know, don’t explain me a word, from the theories, thousands, of knowing! It is […]

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11/11, 11:11

  11/11, 11:11, 2019 The Worth of Life   For the Worth of a Life in the end will be known. You discover, at last, All is His, and not own.   You are His, and He holds you in Arms, through the Ages! You are loved, and protected, all your Life, on all pages!   Do not take it for granted. It […]

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