Ya, ya, you still

  Ya, Ya, You Still   Ya, ya, you still pretend to be, but you are gone forever. The frequencies we all dance in, you vanish in thin air!   The shop is closed. We all go Home. Undone is all your tarnish. We dance in frequencies we cherish, you but dissolve and vanish.   […]

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Please tell My Children

  Please Tell My Children   Please, tell My children My Godly Love they should remember, from Me, above.   Please, tell My children, My Love fills all My God-Heart in infinity!   Remember, children, I long for you, to come back Home, in unity!   I AM your God, you precious ones, My Love […]

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You have a Trumpeter

  You Have A Trumpeter   You have a trumpeter in your land. He took the burden for you.   And what do you do?   You see the monsters harass him, try to kill him, threaten him, cowardly attack him, throwing lies at him,  obstacles in his work, missiles to bomb him, venomous bites […]

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You see

  You See   You see the queen in pompous all her “carosse d’or”, while at the evening party she’ll be a dinosaur.   Her house is full of servants, in hermelin she thrones, a whole nation licks her, in front of her all bows.   Awake, she’s not a human! Awake, her venom kills! […]

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Yes, in truth

  Yes, In Truth   Yes, in Truth overjoyed  we should be,   for in Truth the Two did make us free!   East met West in the Two heroes,   none like them the Two masters arose.   Yes, in Truth celebrations should start!   Our Earth will not be torn apart!     […]

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We feel like lost

  We Feel Like Lost   We feel like lost, but we start see anew! The Sun of God is shining in the dew.   The earth is old, but Earth is born anew. We bathe in Light, all born in the new dew.   Forgotten Joy in this new dawn is due. All Universe […]

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  Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi home after 8 months in Israeli jail  .  23 Apr, 2018 Ahed Tamimi in the military courtroom. January 2018 © Ammar Awad / Reuters Ahed Tamimi, in Nabi Saleh village in the occupied West Bank July 30, 2018. © Raneen Sawafta / Reuters  29 Jul, 2018 Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi […]

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Gaia Portal

  Gaia Portal Message July 27, 2018     Egalitarian movements are viewed in Higher Dimensional ways. It might well be, since we awoke to our real stand in Creation, that our meditations, intents, desires, decrees are expressed by us in a new, dignifying way. This our stance and awareness is noticed in Joy from […]

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Sky Event

  Friday, July 27, 2018, Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse . © Getty Images . July 27, 2018, about 22:30, South Germany   © Yiannis Kourtoglou / Reuters © Andrea De Silva / Reuters A red supermoon rises over hills in the city of Vladivostok in Russia’s Far East on Jan. 31, 2018. Photo: Yuri […]

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Zero Point Is Now

  Stan X and Thor Messages Zero Point is Now    July 25, 2018       Terran to Denice:  Can you ask Stan X if he has any data about [redacted].  Did I work with them before? Not concerned with essence.  Stan X: DEAR ONE/TERRAN.  ALL FLOWING NOW INTERMINGLES AND INTERTWINES.  THERE COMES A POINT IN […]

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