I’d love, that tiny jay


I’d Love, That Tiny Jay


I’d love, that tiny jay

invite me to dance.

That tree would crack and break,

but I’d wake up from trance!


I’d love to swing with jay

a waltz, in the morn,

and feel so blessed and loved,

from the day I was born!


Tiny hat has the jay,

and a tiny blue vest,

and it’s quick, light and sweet,

with its tiny small crest!


Well, a long robe I have,

breaking branches apart,

but I’d honor the graceful

Jay, and its art!


I’d love, that tiny jay

invite me to fly,

for I just have enough

of the sufferance, and cry!


In a whirlfull of waltz

we’d take off from the tree,

and we’d conquer all heights

in our flight of the FREE!


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Quellbild anzeigen

The Mirror


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Quellbild anzeigen









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