Akashic Healing


Akashic Healing

The New Sacred Mission in Father

February 19, 2020, 12:22


A new Healing Mission in Father will be Akashic Healing.

The Akasha Records in Deep Space print everything that happens.

But the last 26,000 years were a loop of rebelling.

That time was not of God.

A culture of betrayal, falsity and lies enslaved the Earth.

This is it, what has to be healed!


Established by God, to record all Godly things,

Akasha has suffered as well an attack of the Godless.


The ones chosen to heal the mankind, must be great Masters.

Their Mastership will be their, over the eons, unshakeable Knowing of Truth.

An old Master will unite with his lord self for precisely this purpose.

His Knowing will perfect his Mastership.


This Act of Healing is a magnificent Act of Love of the Father.

His Sacred Act, of Universal Proportions.

It is the Restoration of Godly Truth in Creation.

Will heal Mankind, the Earth, and purify Akasha.

A Sacred Healing Mission in Truth!


Schumann Resonance Today - Hertz and Schumann Resonance


Alexander Kuznetsov, from Kilpisjärvi, Finland.

News Burst 19 February 2020 - Alexander Kuznetsov Aurora






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