For one day

  For One Day   For one day you will finally SEE it: God Eternal in all of His Making, sending Sons, and His Daughters, to trumpet, He is the God of Love, not of hating! . . .

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The tiny butterflies

  The Tiny Butterflies   The tiny butterflies, so sweet and tiny, don’t do too much, they just dance through the air… Then meet another, just as sweet and tiny, and they dance all around as a pair!… . . . . . .

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  Ugliness   Ugliness had to come up one day. God’s children had to be shaken. Violet pure Flame, Truth igniting, Love Eternal God’s children awaken. . . .

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Kissing again

  Kissing Again   Kissing again,  fall those so lovely drops in the raining… Kissing the trees, and the pines, and all plants in my garden! Lovely, those drops, sent in Love in this Loving Creation, fulfilling Will of my Father, and Mother, and warden… . . .    

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I cannot see Your children

  I Cannot See Your Children    I cannot see Your children, Father, suffer! I cannot see Your children, Father, cry! I lift my arms to You: give me the courage, unmask the madness of this hidden lie!   How full the measure! It is rushing, pouring over the rim. How long endure the pain? How […]

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For God’s Love

  For God’s Love   For God’s Love is a wondrous God Secret,   Large your arms, huge your heart, to contain…   It is you, who need open in Marvel,   Marvel Love in your heart, feel and claim… . . .

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O, the Music of Life

O, the Music of Life   O, the Music of Life is a marvel, in the Ocean of Life you all dance, in My Fatherly Love, all connected, and My tender Embrace from above!   Do not try to contain all My Secrets, Silence only will open to you, when all noises and arrogance, quiet […]

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One gong more

  One Gong More September 26, 2019, 11:22   One gong more Won’t I stand Your Kin crying!   One gong more won’t accept  Your Kin die!   STOP! I now monster life in Your Kingdom!   MANIFEST! Father’s Love in all sky! . . .

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  I STOP! September 26, 2019, 11:11   I STOP! all the cries  of Thy Children!   I STOP! all the tears and pain!   I MANIFEST! now the LOVE of my FATHER!   A HEALED! World and Mankind I claim! . . .

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The Time explodes!

  The Time Explodes!   Blessed is this Time! The Sacred Time of Father. The Time of Truth. The Time of the Release.   The Time is ripe. And humans are awaken. The Time explodes! And FREEDOM of Man IS. . Six Galaxies Just Suddenly Ignited into Voracious Quasars September 25, 2019, Galactic Connection | […]

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