Gaia Portal, September 25, 2018


Gaia Portal Message, September 25, 2018



Processionals carry the joy of New Paradigm followers.

O, My God! This new Gaia Portal was an urgent one! It shows the Awareness of Change is so mightily grown, the Joy had to be spread! Like in ushering in a  great procession, the first ones carry the Joy.

Entrances are made by those on The Path.

The Guardians, the Keepers, the Sasquatch, the Light-Workers, the Light-Warriors, the Star-Seeds, all Beings of Light came here to help, are showing the way.

Flags are unfurled.

Great Preparations, for Great Performance!

Heavens open.

What a mighty statement! Heavens invite all to the greatest Reunion.

The Light has succeeded.

An even mightier statement! This is the total and complete VICTORY.


ÉirePort | September 25, 2018 at 10:03



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