Gaia Portal, September 24, 2018


Gaia Portal Message,

September 24, 2018



Particle energetics on all levels merge with the Ascension timeline.

Surprising for us, because we cannot see it. Not manifested yet in physicality. But this amazing group from Ireland writes from another realm. And so we celebrate the news, that energetic particles merge with our new Ascension Timeline. And that at all frequency levels!

Ferrules of Abundance are sown.

I can see thousands upon thousands of vibrantly fresh, young trees, being planted. Trees bringing an abundance of fruit on our freshly born Gaia, to feed the children of God freshly liberated. Gaia will have plenty of fruit, so no child will ever stave again.

The “ferrules” might be meant as bracelets of protection, like fences around the young trees. If made of iron or, how it is mostly done, of wood, the fences of protection express our love, our care, and our thankfulness for the abundance of the harvest soon coming.

Lightnings encapsulate the hesitant… movement begins.

The lightnings inviting into Light. Many of us have not the courage yet. Ages long of enslavement were teaching us to be timid. Yet, the movement begins.

Flashes of Inner Brilliance are received and applauded.

Our Inner Brilliance bursts from inside. We start feeling our God-connection, and begin a new jig full of Joy.


√ČirePort | September 24, 2018 at 10:14




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