Gaia Portal

Gaia Portal, November 19, 2017 Forward-motivators are viewed in “the Heavens”. Great, wonderful cooperation work between out Galactic Brothers from the Heavens and the God’s Sent, Light Warriors, Light Workers came here for our FREEDOM.   Astrals of the veil are disappeared. For many ages the dark built around our earth an astral world: a 4-dimensional […]

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Thank You

  Thank You   Thank You for listening to Amira  with me…   That Voice is of Your making – of course… That Beauty – of Your own. that Purity – is Yours…   Let me just weep… and weep…    

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I Thank

  I Thank  “I thank my Father for His gifts to me” (A Course in Miracles)   I thank You for giving me company. It was the most warming and most delightful one in the world… How beautiful is, You are with me, Father!   The winter is coming, in my kitchen is cold. A […]

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Gaia Portal

Gaia Portal, November 14, 2017 Generations of conscious Hue-beings assemble for the final phase. The Gathering, long prophesied by Archangel of Michael /PJ 7, 1989. The spectacular Gathering of Bear & Dragon & Eagle in Asia, 11/11/17. Completed by an Expanded Gathering, a Reunion of above and below! Defying Time and Space.   Illuminative elements […]

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Bear & Dragon & Trump

HATJ : “the bear, the dragon, and the trump” card BY BZ ⒾAM RIGER / SUNDAY, 12 NOVEMBER 2017 HATJ : “the bear, the dragon, and the trump” card to “China”: old man, i love you, and all your family placed at the Federal Reserve, US Treasury, CIA, FBI, DOJ, etc…it is time. …ALL awoken […]

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The Works of my Father…/heic0910h.jpg Universal Father Message for FREEDOMsRAY                February 8, 2017Mine Own,Long time, seemingly, is the course of evolution in Gaia’s material, experiential and cultural speck; yet high and huge beyond your reckoning with respect to consciousness and spirit, that reaches from entities, ascended and perfect-created Beings of such grandeur, they are beyond mortal comprehension; these plus their near countless staff. Staff that […]

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The New Tune

  The New Tune   Remember to shout your Joy! Remember be happy and chanting! I sent you a Trumpeter down remind you sing and be dancing!   This tune, you forgot, My sweet children, too long in your sufferance and pain… A new tune is now playing My Trumpet for you to embrace and […]

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The feeling of Joy

  The Feeling Of Joy   For the feeling of JOY is the one that is Godly. Is the one that is pure  and ignites in the heart.   The Feeling of JOY you can’t tell it no words do exist in this world.   HiS Loving and Sacred Hand planted the Feeling of JOY […]

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The Freedom Trumpeter

  REJOICE! REJOICE! REJOICE! On 11/9 NOW our courageous Trumpeter has annihilated and forever reversed the tide of enslavement of  9/11 with the FREEDOM of all humans on Earth.   World Freedom Day, 2017 By the President of the United States of America A Proclamation For 28 years, the Berlin Wall divided families, friends, and […]

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