I Thank


I Thank 

“I thank my Father for His gifts to me” (A Course in Miracles)


I thank You for giving me company.

It was the most warming and most delightful one in the world…

How beautiful is, You are with me, Father!


The winter is coming, in my kitchen is cold.

A large heap of dishes was for me to wash up.

But then, I was pouring my heart all to You.

You were making me laugh, You were gifting me thumps.

What a delightful sweet Father You are!


Unfathomable for me, again and again:

I imagine Your Paradise Isle in the Highest of Highest;

I can see tiny dot Gaia, this minuscule planet

brilliantly spinning through space, 


but at the very last edges of Superuniverse Orvonton,

still at the edge of our local Universe Nebadon,

in this pretty much minuscule Solar System of Sol…

How minuscule can I, myself be,

at the end of this infinite distance…


Yet You are here with me in Your fullness, my Father,

You make me laugh when I tell you my stories,

You carefully listen to my wonders and questions,

You lovingly thump me my tummy when the reasoning right…


Oh, Father,

I’m so small but You don’t pay attention,

I’m so far, but You right in my heart,

I’m alone and seem lost, but Your Presence

is the sweetest, most wondrous, delightful, 

miracle of all…





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