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Universal Father Message for FREEDOMsRAY                February 8, 2017

Mine Own,

Long time, 
is the course of evolution 
in Gaia’s material, experiential and cultural speck; 

yet high and huge 
beyond your reckoning 
with respect to consciousness and spirit, 
that reaches from entities, 
ascended and perfect-created Beings 
of such grandeur, 
they are beyond mortal comprehension; 

these plus their near countless staff. 
Staff that came and participated in the building of Nebadon 
even before human creation was to begin.

Your experiential gain 
is taking but a whiff 
of standard universal time, 
hardly a month of Paradise Isle time 
if you want to reach back beyond Luciferian history.

Your newly appointed 
time traveler 
as head of Earth’s republic of states 
made hardly a skip back, 
by time’s perspective; 
still, he has come well prepared 
in spirit, brilliance, and fore-knowledge. 

This immense effort — he is not alone — 
shudders your planet into a wobble course 
away from the known future from whence your traveler has come; 
has come 
to set a better path 
whose subsequent history cannot be known 
since the new future 
does not yet exist in Nebadon, 
nor in the Supreme Deity of the Grand Universe.

The trumpet is sounding, with My complete resonance for now.

Make allowance 
both for his advanced level, but still human, 

Repercussion and confusion are part of this re-evolution.

Universal Father

Universal Father Message for M&S      

July 5, 2017

Mine Own Two,
M has chosen well the messages to review from 2015,
recently re-sent to S.
Ponder on patternings, 
which are created 
only in Paradise Isle.
Ponder the mechanism
they are rendered 
for seditious use.
The Key 
to re-patterning 
is Love. 
It is accessible 
by anyone 
sufficiently evolved 
though locked into earthly energies 
the same as you2.
The Key 
to unraveling 
sedition-warped patterns 
of great-reaching magnitude 
remains at grassroots level.
Herein is how your Trump works.
The removal 
of underpining roots 
of noxious weeds 
cannot start 
at the hydra-like head 
for only more seed heads 
will manifest 
while the weed exists.
Mycelium must replace toxic fungi 
of their own accord 
in their own time.
So again, 
consider the seditious patternings, 
their manifestation by ones of sedition 
and how the patterning 
is restored through Love, 
e.g. pedophilia, money, governmental enslavement.
CMA designs 
not to address these things via any scribe, 
rather choosing 
to render any of these seditious manifestations 
and considerations 
to the courts of Orvonton. 
That is why 
restoration of patterns 
must be 
in continual initiation 
from entities beyond Nebadon.
Though the messages of 2015 
most certainly apply to all ones of Light intent –
for that is the soul’s essence – 
it should be clear 
that My faith in you2 lies in great measure.
Universal Father

Universal Father Message for FREEDOMsRAY       
July 15, 2017

Mine Own of Pure Heart,

Thy Desirings 
for matrices
in great strength 

carry Gaia gaily 
along what is no longer
her cosmic treadmill 

but multi portaled paths, 
each one festooned
with sparkling garlands 

of acts of nations 
restoring unities 
of cultural camaraderies.
As exemplified:
Though past reality 
shows records of anarchic darkness 
of prolonged cruelty 
following a certain Bastille-storming, 

Joie de Vivre 
of humankind 
above and below 


transmuted energies 

to the well-placed intended 
calls for Liberty, 

so keenly recognized and appreciated 
by your modern 
to such degree 
that he elected to be publicly present 
in grateful commemoration.
Such is his strong affinity for Freedom’s Ray.
have you all contributed to these

past and cycling 

Universal Father
Saint Germain Message for FREEDOMsRAY            
August 9, 2017


I AM here!

Between “dimensions,”
inner spaces;

effecting intimate counsel
on sublime levels
with certain of my sponsored world leaders;

my actors who act very well,
Thank You!

are the prompting feed lines from God
that produce staged scenarios
to surround and confound
the most clever of dark ones,
when you think about it sensibly,
can only strive
with rank mediocrity
to sway
Earth’s magnificently evolving pageantry.

Their, the dark ones’ 
own magnificence
as an exquisite exercise in futility.

Keep on keeping on,
little ones and big ones.

Stay your personal courses.
So shall you realize magnificence in current life;

all the more to Magnify the Lord.

Sanctus Germanus

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