Grand Day of Cosmic Liberty

  Grand Day of Cosmic Liberty December 9, 2019   Grand Day of Cosmic Liberty! Grand Sun was shining! And out of the clear blue sky pure rain Blessed us! Released has FATHER Spirit of Truth on Gaia! To our Cosmic Liberty the Gates HE opened! Sound, you Trumpets! This Day, the Earth is FREE! And […]

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The Grand Awakening

  The Grand Awakening December 9, 2019 . Cosmic Awareness 1 December 3, 2019 “Be Prepared!” Cosmic Awareness: “Be Prepared” . Cosmic Awareness 2 December 7, 2019 “A Great Opportunity” Cosmic Awareness: “A Great Opportunity” . Cosmic Awareness 3 December 9, 2019 “The Unravelling Begins” Cosmic Awareness: “The Unravelling Begins” . . . .

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Arctic Archipelago

  Arctic Archipelago   Russian military releases RELAXING VIDEO from picturesque Arctic archipelago 4 Oct, 2019 © Russia’s Defense Ministry . The archipelago, which consists of almost 200 islands, is located 969km from the North Pole – closer than any other landmass in the Eastern Hemisphere. The expedition performed more than 20 landings in the […]

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British Empire

  British Empire   Not just the Elgin Marbles: Britain’s colonial legacy lives long in UK museums 4 Jun, 2018  Queen Victoria © Scherl/ Global Look Press . The Koh-i-Noor diamond The Koh-i-Noor diamond, one of the largest cut in the world, is currently part of the British crown jewels. It has been the subject […]

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Easter Island

  Easter Island   ‘Temples to colonial theft’: Western museums should return looted artifacts to where they belong 28 Nov, 2018  Moai statues, Easter Island © Reuters / Carlos Barria . Easter Island people want return of their sacred statue, stolen by imperial Brits 9 Aug, 2018  Moai sculpture from Easter Island in the British […]

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John F Kennedy New Craft Carrier

  John F Kennedy New Craft Carrier   John F. Kennedy Jr.‏ @John_F_Kennnedy , December 7, 2019 New Gerald R. Ford-class Aircraft Carrier John F. Kennedy to Be Christened Dec. 7, 2019 . John F. Kennedy Jr.‏ @John_F_Kennnedy The Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, the future USS John F. Kennedy (CVN 79), will be christened on Saturday, Dec. […]

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Gaia Portal, December 6, 2019

  Gaia Portal Message December 6, 2019     Flurries of the new countenance are received with joy and playfulness. The planet arises in Higher Vibrations. Struggles are embraced and released. Stern outlooks are changed to Light.   ÉirePort | December 6, 2019 at 9:09 am . . .

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We Are Cosmos!

  We Are Cosmos!   . PRO NKRI , December 5, 2019 Indonesia’s Mount Sumbing ❤…Nothing .. ❤‏ , December 5, 2019 Bali Mountain . Wied‏ , December 5, 2019 Merbabu, Central Java, Indonesia La RED , December 5, 2019   Popocatépetl, México .   Pico de Orizaba (Citlaltépetl), Veracruz, México. . .

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London, December 3-4, 2019

  London, December 3-4, 2019 NATO Summit   The Royal Family An official photograph of Her Majesty The Queen, The Prince of Wales, NATO Secretary General and Heads of State and Government from countries who form the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Buckingham Palace, London, UK, December 3, 2019 . GEORGE  🇺🇸‏ @TheCollectiveQ 4. Dez. Marine 1 […]

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