Ships by the Sun

  Ships by the Sun   Gina Maria Colvin Hill‏ @GinaMColvinHill The shape of this ship was rather interesting. January 22, 2020 Salem, Indiana 2:58 AM. . 14:42 – 22. Jan. 2020 . schrö // January 19, 2020. Latest CME is actually a good-sized ship exiting the sun. Happens all the time, really. Check out the […]

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The Time of Miracles

The Time of Miracles   The Time of Miracles on Earth arrived.   Give me your hand, my brother, We Are One.   In Father’s arms we lift this Earth up High.   In Laughter and in Happiness we fly! January 11, 2020 . .  

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For the descent

  For The Descent   For the descent on escalator, that genius clue,   It was in Truth Your sent descending, direct from You. . . . © Reuters / Jonathan Ernst . . . .  

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A New Life has begun

  A New Life Has Begun January 17, 2020, 12:22   A new life has begun. Hear the murmur? Atune your hearts, the strings in holy tremor…   It is inside. Within, the tender music. Is not of me, or you, but God’s, the unique.   A new life has begun. Our New Earth. All […]

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I see the Fires!

  I See The Fires!   I see the Fires! I see mighty blasts! Explosions, Light and Lightning!  The Cosmos all it welcomes, now, the Sons of God, homecoming!   Eternal Father kept His word. We’re saved by One Creator! He sent us Angels, Masters, Saints. To know, each had a Mentor!   He blows […]

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So, We Took Off!

  So, We Took Off!   So, we took off! Rejoice! Rejoice! Our flight it finally happens! When Father says, I know it’s true, against all odds, the brazens!   When He says so, it means we’re Free! Lo and behold, we’re flying! We’re headed Home, in Father’s arms, where laughter reigns, no crying! . […]

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We are on our Ascension way

  We Are On Our Ascension Way   We are on our Ascension way. Don’t know which speed we travel. We bask in Love, we hover high, for lost behind is Babel!   We took with us our greatest loved. We cry and hug all brothers. Our tortured children hold we tight, in healing seas […]

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De facto — De jure

  De facto — De Jure January 7, 2020   From De Facto To De Jure by Speak Project | Jan 6, 2020 | Constitutional Law, Constitutional Rights, Lawful America De Fac·to   /ˌdā ˈfaktō/ adverb in fact, or in effect, whether by right or not. Similar: in practice, in effect, in fact, in reality, […]

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