The Light Is Here!

  The Light Is Here!   The Light is here! Let God’s Kin rejoice! The Light is blinding! This was our choice!   Stand tall and see it! ‘Twas the Plan of God! We all together hit dark Gordian Knot!   Rejoice, you Children! Fill the streets and dance! Awakened have we from the darkness […]

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Today New Light is Shining!

  Today New Light Is Shining! January 1st, 2020, 11:22   Today New Light is shining! The Sun is laughter, all. His joyful face, He turned it, On Tiny-Dot-Gaia Ball!   Make no mistake! Our planet now bathes in Love and Joy! No hidden plot is working! Undone all darkness ploy!   For Light is […]

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Gaia Portal, December 31, 2019

  Gaia Portal Message December 31, 2019     Portals of “New Beginnings” for Gaia open and are traversed by the Higher Vibrationals. Wonderful shot of ‘New Beginnings’, right on the Eve of the New Year! So very necessary to restore our hopes! It means that Sun has open main Portal in the very center […]

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It Is Done!

  IT IS DONE! December 30, 2019, 11:22   IT IS DONE.   Dark Era is gone forever.   We Are in the Era of Light, already!   YESSS! . . . .

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Kim / Manna: Universal Council

  Kim / Manna: Universal Council December 21, 2019   Kim’s Message From The Universal Council by SPEAK Project | Dec 21, 2019 | Kim/Manna Blog Posts   Today the age of decadence amongst your elite comes to a close. Do not forget what it is to be human. Caring sharing and loving still existed […]

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