You Know That Skip

  You Know That Skip   GEORGE  🇺🇸‏ @TheCollectiveQ You know that skip you get in your step when all is going to Plan? 6. June, 2019 from Arlington, VA . The Sun on July 15, 2019, picture by Alexandra Meadors . September 22, 2019, Rose Garden, Australia Soirée AFP/Getty Images . . . .

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But I Do Wonder

  But I Do Wonder   But I do wonder of the eons long, you’d monsters need atone, rebirth your song…   How many eons, pay for monstrous deeds on innocents of God, in monsters feeds?   I cannot count them. There is no end, to all such monsters deeds to comprehend…   For eons […]

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Juillet 14: Jour de la Victoire

  Juillet 14: Jour De La Victoire   Paris Violence Worst In Months As Yellow Vests Clash With Police On Bastille Day by Tyler Durden Sunday, 07/14/2019  French riot police squared off once again with protesters after the Paris Bastille Day military parade, according to AFP. Protesters broke into anti-government chants, knocking down security barriers and setting […]

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For, see…

  For, See…   For, see, you tell us you are, but we don’t take it more. We can see through your mask, and through your words, galore…   God has sent us His Angels and His brothers to teach… You can kiss the pope’s hand, if you like hear him preach.   See, you […]

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  Pleiades The Seven Sisters   . “My people tell of Star People who came to us many generations ago. The Star people brought spiritual teachings and stories and maps of the cosmos and they offered these freely. They were kind, loving and set a great example. When they left us, my people say there was […]

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Gaia Portal, July 13, 2019

  Gaia Portal Message July 13, 2019     Shining leaves of green envelope humanity at this moment. Sounds like a loved, balanced humanity, regenerating and rejuvenating. Growth of the Light Vibrations for the New Hue-manity accelerates. Closer to our Ascension, the Light Vibrations successfully take over our bodies. Standards of Guidance are raised within […]

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When You Start See

  When You Start SEE July 13, 2019, 12:00   When you start SEE you are the Son of God, finally dawns to you that You Are FREE!   The robot mind has no power over you! You have just slept, but now wake up and DO!   You DO your Act! Your Act is show […]

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