For, see…


For, See…


For, see, you tell us you are,

but we don’t take it more.

We can see through your mask,

and through your words, galore…


God has sent us His Angels

and His brothers to teach…

You can kiss the pope’s hand,

if you like hear him preach.


See, you tortured mankind,

our life force you stole.

But we freed our planet,

freed from pole to pole.


Yes, it took us all eons,

of enslavement and pain…

But his hands Got stretched down

and tok ours in plain.


You still think you have power,

you still play monster game.

But it’s gone!!! You are dead, all,

and defeat is your claim.


Don’t you think, time to leave us,

go to your worlds of void?

The destruction you wanted

can by you be enjoyed.


For you miss the big secret,

you still miss “God is Love”!

It’s the Key in Creation,

so below, as above.


You will never, yes, never,

reach our FREEDOM of now.

Only when you see Father

in your heart, and allow…








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