But I Do Wonder


But I Do Wonder


But I do wonder

of the eons long,

you’d monsters need

atone, rebirth your song…


How many eons, pay

for monstrous deeds

on innocents of God,

in monsters feeds?


I cannot count them.

There is no end,

to all such monsters deeds

to comprehend…


For eons we’ll all need,

God’s children, hurt,

to heal your monstrous deeds

in us, and earth…


Where is there a concept

in the sane God’s mind,

carry such monstrous deeds

of monster kind?


You blind and sick and stupid

monster raptor

of beings innocent

of God Creator!


I’ll count not your acts.

There is no ending.

That goes too far, too deep,

in murder spending…


So I do wonder of

the eons long,

you’ll monsters need, atone,

rebirth your song…






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