The Hammer Has Dropped

. The Hammer Has Dropped March 24, 2023, 11:44 . The Hammer has dropped. Father snapped Holy Fingers. In Joy all the Heavens resound!!! . Central Great Sun explodes. Light devours all dark. Free, all brothers and sisters rebound! . Fundamentals are shattered. All the Earth shakes and breaks. Into dust dissipates all the darkness… […]

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The TIME Shall Stop

. The TIME Shall Stop January 12, 2023, 7:00 pm . The TIME shall stop. Say your own last prayer. Let all your worldly treasures go, and fall. Remember now, where from you were coming, for straight to Him leaps now Tiny Dot Ball! . You didn’t cry for long… So busy killing! So busy […]

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We Call Divine Justice!

. We Call Divine Justice! December 18, 2022 . Cruel pain… no end to our longing… The Aeons seemed all with no end. One after one, saw their murders and killing, till horrid misery we could no more stand… . We remember Harmonic Convergence. When you utter a word, keep and be! New betrayal of […]

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I Know An Old Story

. I Know An Old Story November 22, 2022, 22:22 . I know an old story, of the Free and Brave, who were chased from heavens, to kill and enslave… . They had pure Souls. Stood in Truth and Light, given by the Father Swords of Light to fight! . Asgard Earth was theirs. But […]

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Leave Us Not!

. Leave Us Not! November 17, 2022, 14:44 . Leave us not one day more in their claws, FATHER, Master of All! Activate Divine Justice in Full Force, on Gaia Blue Ball! . You hold all children Yours in Your Love: They betrayed Your Divine Laws Above! . Do not kill any brother, You ordered, […]

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It Just Happened To Me

. It Just Happened To Me November 16, 2022, 16:16 . It just happened to me in long nights of no sleep, that word “pain” is an insane creation, . Never having a place in His Vocables books, in Him missing all sense of an action… . Pain is never of God. Which mad mind […]

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Did You Catch It?

. Did You Catch It? October 15, 2022, 15:15 . From time to time a butterfly is knocking at the door, . So sweet and gently hovering, and his short name is Thor. . He lives on Neptune, mighty ship, came here to save the Earth, . With millions ships, and all Star Fleet, help […]

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For Freedom Is Our Birthright!

. For FREEDOM Is Our Birthright! September 22, 2022, 11:11 . For FREEDOM is our Birthright to Be, as His Principle in His Grand Universe. Loser, you, trampling this greatest Gift, wearing your culotte à l’inverse!… . Precious gift, you blind ones, didn’t see! Precious still, our Free Will to Choose! Chosen you to betray […]

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Pretty Gruesome

. Pretty Gruesome July 22, 2022, 11:11 . Pretty gruesome, is this most amazing and wondrous a World! Is this all you can give, are your talents so short, when your powers creative unfold? . Vital Force you depleted, Mother Earth cries in rage, sucked you children of marrow and blood! I see gruesome and […]

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The Times Are Hard

. The Times Are Hard July 5th, 2022, 19:19 . The Times are hard…the dark are further struggling to steal this Father’s Planet for themselves. They do not know, in their limited minds, God’s Cosmos works on only Godly terms! . Like hamsters in the wheel of their maker, walking in vain, with their switches […]

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