Unless you are a Warrior

  Unless You Are A Warrior   Unless you are, a Warrior, keep your mouth shut! Don’t ever think, God gave you Life, sit on your butt!   You hide on Earth, for you betrayed Eternal Life! And here you kill, His innocent, with monstrous knife!   Technology, is all you think, is Life and […]

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Momentum Reached!

  Momentum Reached! February 5, 2020   Momentum reached. This NOW the Truth has won. The Avalanche in monumental fall. Spirit of Truth, this giant Flood from God, blasts Final Wave on our Tiny Dot Ball! . . . IvankaTrump 6. Feb. Love you, Dad! . @EricTrump Feb 5 2020 @realDonaldTrump we are all so […]

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Yes. Great Decisions

  Yes. Great Decisions   Yes. Great Decisions are taken today in the Heavens. Be sure, Father never let us alone! His Christ is the One leading Trumpet on Gaia. NOT any laughable clown or clone! . . . .

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The Light Is Here!

  The Light Is Here!   The Light is here! Let God’s Kin rejoice! The Light is blinding! This was our choice!   Stand tall and see it! ‘Twas the Plan of God! We all together hit dark Gordian Knot!   Rejoice, you Children! Fill the streets and dance! Awakened have we from the darkness […]

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Impeachment Trio

  Impeachment Trio December 18, 2019   Pelosi Threatens to Delay Senate Impeachment Trial: Doesn’t Appear ‘Fair’ . . 25 Jan, 2020  Jerry Nadler, Jay Sekulow, and Adam Schiff © Reuters / Joshua Roberts and Erin Scott . . How the House’s handling of the Trump impeachment hurts the American people Weakening the office of […]

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Today We’re Done!

  Today We’re Done!   I am a tiny lion cub, here on a big mission. I see all Lions, swords and wars, on many planes in friction.   We fight for eons. Monsters claws enslaved this earth in horror. I cry and cry, and cannot stop, want give my home its honor.   The […]

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  Coup in Bolivia November 2019   . . Minor political figure Luis Fernando Camacho (above center praying in Government Palace) astonishingly uses a single Christian Bible to throw from power godless socialist forces in Bolivia… …after which Bolivian interim president Jeanine Añez (center holding Bible over her head) declares to world: “God has allowed […]

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Vatican Implodes

  Vatican Implodes   . . . . . . The Luciferian Vatican Empire Is Imploding   AUGUST 29, 2018 The Pennsylvania attorney general has disclosed that the Vatican hierarchy is fully into the massive cover-up of dozens of sex crimes against over 1,000 children in dioceses within that State alone. But as despicable as […]

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