The TIME Shall Stop


The TIME Shall Stop

January 12, 2023, 7:00 pm


The TIME shall stop. Say your own last prayer.

Let all your worldly treasures go, and fall.

Remember now, where from you were coming,

for straight to Him leaps now Tiny Dot Ball!


You didn’t cry for long… So busy killing!

So busy planning suck our children blood…

And counting your gold, and mix concoctions,

that you forgot that simple name of ‘God’…


Gone. Precipice you stand is tumbling down.

Crumbling is all… Didn’t you dream last night?

Volcanoes, mountains, the rocks all vanish,

and stars and moons and Suns draw shadows blight…


The Greatest Moment in the Human Aeons

is Now. Beware! Shall never come again.

From precipice you’ll fall… In tears mumbling,

you spared Sons of God your monstrous pain…


Good Man: The Constellations have united.

Utopia in Paradise took aim.

You mocked the Love of SOURCE, the Radiant Wondrous,

and now, as Tide Reversed, is yours to blame!


Good Man: The Golden Measure is accomplished.

Surrounded you are by cheering, all.

The TIME stops now. As He has snapped His fingers,

all Joy and Laughter conquer man’s Blue Ball!…




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