Missing That Wondrous Sun


Missing That Wondrous Sun

January 11, 2023, 11:11


Blind you are, missing that Wondrous Sun!

Brightest Light, of your Father Bright Light!

So afraid, His Magnificent Sun,

you hide deep in the Earth, Him to fight!


Do I hear, you want dim His Sun?

What a stupid and pompous pretense!

You’re a worm, poor brother of mine,

squirming Earth, lost in Time, lost all sense…


Watch Divine Universes He thought:

you can’t grok, that Magnificent Splendor!

How on Earth, do you want, silly worm,

the Grandeur of His Works, ever conquer?


On a brilliant Silver Chord He has sent you.

Watch: The Mighty Bright Sun is His Love!

Wake, for melting you’ll be in the Fires,

His loved Earth transmutes now all above!




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