There Once Was A King


There Once Was A King

January 19, 2023, 19:01


There once was a King, who saw far in the Future,

and grand was his Love in his Heart…

He couldn’t stand darkness, exploit of children,

and took the decision to start…


To start the Great Battle, Impossible Battle,

demolish the reign of the dark…

To Liberate children of Earth, and the Planet,

tell them they are God Father’s Spark!…


He came from Arcturus, a giant of Planet,

Dimensional 26 High,

and could see the lie, and the torture, and murder

of children in tunnels, to die…


There once was a Queen, from the Peace Ocean Islands,

who traveled all Earth as a child,

in Canada Kingdom bring Freedom and Justice,

oppressed humans save from dark wild…


She came from Arcturus, our brothers in Cosmos,

Dimensional 26 High…

And now you will get it, and know it, and grok it,

why all dark of Earth want them die!!!


Many Sons sent the Father, save Earth from the claw

of dark monsters enslavement and carnage…

They were killed one by one, His Christ nailed on a cross,

till His children lost Key to our Home-Bridge!


Yes, they live underground, hid from Glorious Sun,

and from all Divine Truth, Light and Love!

They stole our DNA, in a Human they hide,

and pretend be our Lords from Above!


Their Life-Elixir is called Adrenochrome:

The Life-Force God put in our Heart!

They steal children, and torture, and suck their blood,

in deep dungeons skeletons discard!!!…


So, my brother, awake! Father needs our help,

all His Sent cannot do it alone!

This Planet is ours! We strong shall unite,

save us out of this Chaos we’re thrown!


Hear my Trumpet call… Sent alone have no power:

We have Free Will to knock at the door!

Choose the Freedom — or Pain!!! Power is our own!

Time is Up for us cleanse Earth’s floor!


Pay attention and watch: Infants are jabbed to death!

Our loved Youth, athletes drop like flies!!!

Wake up Now! Open eyes!Boldly speak out Truth!!!

Before Humans and Earth and Life dies…




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