There Is One Will


There Is One Will

January 21, 2023, 21:21


There is One Will,

and that is All There Is.

In vain you wear your culotte à l’inverse.


There is One Will,

and that is All There Is,

for One Alone Heads the Universe!


How many Aeons

still refuse to see,

how miserably you betrayed your God,


Struggling in vain,

robots with switches on,

while masters yours long ash, by Godly Rod?


How Aeons still,

pretend to hold the power,

when Earth and man took wing and flew good-bye,


To Higher Realms,

to 6th Dimension, while,

on void planet, back to cave, you die?…


Destroyed have you

His wondrous, Divine Order,

enslaved have you, so precious children His…


How long, your dark,

distorted, twisted thinking,

reckoned He’ll miss His children Free Release?


One Will is All There Is!

You should have known.

You left your school, rebelled and run away!


His Justice He restored!

His Truth exploded!

He healed us all. His LOVE is here to stay.




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