Over The Rainbow


Over The Rainbow

Sunday, January 22, 2023, 22:22


The Bridge is a Rainbow

of marvelous Light.

It shows us where we all belong.


Over Higher Dimensions,

All transmuted to Light,

when Signal Magic hits Magic Gong!


The Bridge is the Rainbow

which carries us Home,

in the Wondrous ours God Father arms,


In Eternity Loving,

and longing for us,

trodden, enslaved, and lost in all harms…


Brother, who sleep too deep,

please, wake up!

They poisoned your mind from the start!


From the water you drink,

to the air you breathe,

all keeps you blindfold in your Heart!


Brother mine, still asleep,

get up now!

There are raptors of dark, who control


Our face, our moves,

our thoughts, our words,

decimating God’s Kin on Earth Ball…


Please, my brother so loved,

open your eyes, to see:

From the dark, humans all they devour!


Your Divine life from God,

your Eternal Life-Force,

and your Soul and Spirit and Power!


There is no death in God!

In this Valley of Pain,

a Great Rainbow He sent on Earth Dome!


Cross the Bridge! You are saved!

You are whole! You are healed!

In His Infinite Love waits you Home!…




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