The Comedy Of Errors


The Comedy Of Errors

January 23, 2023, 23:23


Hurry! TIME will expire!

Sold out is the Theater.

Bring your own chair, if you want to sit.


Hurry! As Earth still turning!

Take a bunch of popcorn,

that you mumpf and you chew, as stage lit.


Earth is, what you are watching.

And the heroes are we.

The Great Staging is going to end.


The gong hits the Last Act.

We left TIME… Gone we are!

Over huge Precipice we all bend.


Take your grandma and grandpa,

to decode the big play.

Enough of the Tragedy Game!


Bring the Comedy in!

Laugh we want, with all Earth!

Start the Comedy, Greatest of Fame!


Shall we start with the start?

The Republic is lost:

The elected trade money and bucks.


They love folks, just as long

like the donkeys we work,

and shut up, while they blubber their quacks!


President is a fake.

Stolen they have our votes.

Brave machines they can twist on the spot!


We can stem, we can scream,

we can jump, we can stomp…

All the Courts play the same dirty lot!


They inject us all dead.

Murder they our kids.

Our glorious youth they have killed.


Genuine docs have no voice.

A Truth Forum, long gone.

On us poison and venom they spilled…


What a Comedy drill:

Errors pop, run and hide;

None of sheeple has found the Key.


For our minds controlled,

docile cattle, we dance

as they sing…And the Truth we can’t see…


When the Ages will shatter?

When this Tragedy stops?

When the Errors in Comedy, torn?


When Shot Heard Round the World?

When the Justice slash Sword?

When We, People, healed and reborn?


Oh, the Aeons end now…

Earth refuse play the game,

and eternal her turning will stop!


And all Truth be restored,

Justice reign all supreme,

and all Errors and Tragedy drop!




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