Yes, The Aeons All Froze


Yes, The Aeons All Froze

January 26, 2023, 11:11


Yes, the Aeons all froze,

Universes all stuck,

Constellations grand wheels all stopped grindin’,


When Great Master, His fingers

snapped, with Thunderous Light,

save His friend in distress, beloved Merlin!!!


Their claws scooped his sight,

almost killed him, the poisons,

criminals, in their chase and their hunt


Wished destroy His good servant,

Merlin, the great magician,

from small child, all his life hammered blunt…


You’ll see your leaders fall,

popes and priests lose their head,

for abusing the young, sacrificing


Innocent of this Earth,

Father’s loved and adored,

in their monstrous, depraved flesh desiring…


Yes, the Aeons He froze,

to accelerate healing

His good friend, loyal serving through Ages,


For Earth ends, and it’s Time,

Merlin teach epic Truth,

Liberate all His children from cages!…




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