We Call Divine Justice!


We Call Divine Justice!

December 18, 2022


Cruel pain… no end to our longing…

The Aeons seemed all with no end.

One after one, saw their murders and killing,

till horrid misery we could no more stand…


We remember Harmonic Convergence.

When you utter a word, keep and be!

New betrayal of dark, and delayed

yet again, Mother Earth to be free!


Two decades and a half, agonizing.

Glued in morass high up our neck.

2012, new betrayal. The traitors

still refused, Father’s planet give back!


How long can Your children still endure???

How long can this planet still stand???

How long still, the monsters keep murder,

maim and kill, and destroy with no end?


Oh, let Karma Divine roar in fury!

Oh, let Justice Divine be released!

Further 10 years the monsters have stolen,

with no shame, children blocked to be freed!


We Unite Our Hearts and Our Voices!

We, All Sovereign Children of God!

Call Divine Karma, in rage Divine Justice,

Restore TRUTH, With the Fiery God’s Rod!!!




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