A Miracle Mighty


A Miracle Mighty

December 20, 2022, 12:00


Do you feel all around,

darkness all dissipates,

like His butterflies, all Heavenly, fly,


And prepare the veil

to be lifted in force,

so not ever a child would cry?


Can you hear the Commanders

of all Star Fleets in Space,

ranging all in position, to Fight,


Loving brothers and sisters,

for the Last Word and Move,

Liberation and Leap in the Light?


Feel in your chest, your breath,

how we melt in the Sun,

and the Fires of Justice burn all


That have put us in chains,

murdered humans in blood,

on this wondrous Tiny Dot Gaia ball?


It’s His Miracle Mighty.

He transmutes us to Light.

All His butterflies lift up the veil,


Liberating, for ever,

in this Miracle Mighty,

Earth and children Divine from dark jail!!!…




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