I Know An Old Story


I Know An Old Story

November 22, 2022, 22:22


I know an old story,

of the Free and Brave,

who were chased from heavens,

to kill and enslave…


They had pure Souls.

Stood in Truth and Light,

given by the Father

Swords of Light to fight!


Asgard Earth was theirs.

But they were all killed

by two monster races…

Their blood, all spilled…


Their Seven Sisters

Cluster made, of Light,

while sixteen Princes

fiercely kept on fight…


Long, the old story…

Battles, Aeons lost…

And again, the Lions

came, to save their post!.


Now, the story’s ending.

Millions years gone…

All the Heaven’s Forces

fought, till Freedom done!


For they have forgotten:

There is but One God,

who holds all that Life is,

in His Flaming Rod!




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