Watch The Avalanche Of Truth Rolling!


Watch The Avalanche Of Truth Rolling!

November 24, 2022, 11:22


Watch the Avalanche of Truth rolling!

See all sleeping ones open their eyes!

Released is our Earth from her shackles,

released are we from all darkness ties!…


Remember our Father, the Wondrous!

We have lost out Faith on the way.

In the hardship and monstrous the Ages,

lost all Hope, Light on us will once sway…


Errare humanum est, sure…

But torture was Aeons too much.

The dark falsified endure meters!

Light struggled, our Souls to touch!…


Went through twenty Civilizations…

In the Valley of Tears we wept…

In the Abyss of Darkness we struggled,

the Remembrance of Truth to be kept…


Watch now the Avalanche rolling!

Watch the Truth-Crystals flooding the Earth!

In God, there is nothing to fear!

He saved us to our New Rebirth…


Do, remember the One, only Father!

Let your Soul remember inside!

It was He, Who was saving Mankind,

activated the Truth Mighty Tide!!!…




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