Leave Us Not!


Leave Us Not!

November 17, 2022, 14:44


Leave us not one day more in their claws,

FATHER, Master of All!

Activate Divine Justice in Full Force,

on Gaia Blue Ball!


You hold all children Yours

in Your Love:

They betrayed Your Divine

Laws Above!


Do not kill any brother, You ordered,

Chrystal clear Your Law!

But, for Ages, they murder and maim us,

with gruesome their claw!…


Do not steal My Creation, You warned,

this My Blue Precious Ball!

Oh!…Your Gold and Your Diamonds they rob,

and Your children, us all!


We reject one more moment of pain!

Do, enact Your Just Law!

They betrayed Your Love Law, and they keep us

slaves in their monster claw!


From One Heart we now call You,

FATHER, Master of All:

Ignite Your Divine Justice! Do FREE us,

and Your Tiny Dot Ball!!!…




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