It Just Happened To Me


It Just Happened To Me

November 16, 2022, 16:16


It just happened to me

in long nights of no sleep,

that word “pain” is an insane creation,


Never having a place

in His Vocables books,

in Him missing all sense of an action…


Pain is never of God.

Which mad mind did create it?

What’s the circus intended to be,


By some wicked a mind,

by some gruesome a kind,

folding eyes of His Kin, not to see?


A vocabulary

of a Heavenly scribe

won’t be able to find translation,


Of a concept so mad,

in His Joy Universe,

and all Joyful Concepts of Creation!


Where did you come from?

How you identify?

Back to school! Learn respect for all man!


Take your poisonous vaccines,

“Pain” and “Suffer”, and go!

We choose Freedom and order your ban!




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