Again You Missed It!


Again You Missed It!

April 4, 2023, 04:44 pm


Again you missed it!

But the BluePrint stands.

Wear your culotte à l’inverse all you want!


The One Creator,

stupidly you ignore,

is just the One, all Universes chant!


He kissed our World

with His Glorious Sun!

He runs the World according to His Will.


Your fussy scrambles,

pompous ego circus,

let Truth explode, seals Final Battle seal!


You missed His Presence,

this World He created!

You missed to notice, that the Tide has turned!


All LOVE is His.

His Truth burns all the darkness.

Right now, the darkness on this World He burnt!


You live last gasps

of dying Age ungodly.

Decided He, His Mighty Justice come.


Stand on your head:

no man on Earth still cares.

Our Sovereignty and Freedom He’s now done!




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