I Will Behold You With The Eyes Of Christ


I Will Behold You With The Eyes Of Christ

April 3rd, 2023, 11:44


The Works of my Father

go Aeons beyond

our short, poor, blind, little mind…


Over Aeons on’ end,

Constellations, Time-Lines,

Life Eternal, unseen to mankind…


He blessed man from Beginnings

with His Light in his heart;

But man needs thousand lives to acknowledge,


That he Is Light of God,

all eternal in Heart,

and a Soul gifted fully with Knowledge!


Through His many Dimensions

man needs learn and evolve,

grow in Light and the Love of his Father,


Discern Truth from the lie,

strong to stand, and not cry,

to be good, share his bread with his brother…


This, the Secret of Secrets,

when discovered by man:

To Behold all Creation with Love,


Is the one, only way,

SEE his Father in him,

like the falcon fly Realms high above!…


On this Earth, the most Wondrous,

He gave Birth to His Folk:

Infinite Love and Beauty Is All!


To behold through His Love

is the lesson of man,

on this Gaia, His Tiny Dot Ball!…




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