For All Shall Be Just AS My Father Wills


For All Shall Be Just As My Father Wills

April 1st, 2023, 07:07 pm


This is a Mighty Day, so pay attention:

You pop and hop and bump in all mad ways.

To be blunt…game is over! Matters not,

if you grok, FREEDOM came on Earth to stay!


Out of alignment have you been forever.

Your scrambled minds sunk you in Abyss.

Too rough your nose, to grasp the fine Harmonics.

Gruesome, you kept away from Angels kiss!


Watch this Big Day: The Judgement Time is here!

There is a price, for trampling Justice Laws!

There is a price, abuse innocent children,

drink their blood, and torture with your claws…


For all shall be just as my Father wills.

Plenty of Time He gave you come back Home.

His Judgement Day ignited He, right now,

bring Justice His, Peace wondrous to His Dome!




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