The Absolute Signal


The Absolute Signal

March 27, 2023, 03:33 pm


The Absolute Signal is He.

The Moment Of No Time explodes

by His One WILL, at His snapping fingers,

in all Universe’s adobes.


Last days parade ‘front our noses.

Last Planets parade, on last stage.

Watch: Master of Masters is staging

Most wondrous Performance of Age!


Which Age — will be dead in a second.

Implacable, All-Powerful WILL!

His patience took long Cosmic Cycles…

This second…All Battles go still!


Watch well: comes but once in Creation!

That Fight… Between all Good — and bad!

Open your Heart! Gulp the Beauty,

Truth, Love, and Joy!… Rise Peace Flag!!!


Finally’ll see Father The Greatest,

while still wear your culotte à l’inverse?

In that Moment!… You’ll finally grok it:

He’s The One SOURCE Of All Universe!




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