HATJ   8/6/2020  **The World Trade Center in Brussels is burning **3 Gorges Dam in China in danger to break HATJ: Well, “China”, et al, who have been broke [a] “long time”, had very little avenues for accessing trillions/quadrillion of funds that were placed in “decimation” accounts (“in event of…”, “pandemic…”, etc. accounts)… …the […]

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And it shall come

  And It Shall Come July 3rd, 2020, 13:33   And it shall come, be sure, the big blow up. If you deny, or laugh at, caught in the trap!   You know exactly’s coming, but still pretend. There is no way to trick Him. This is your end.   Go then: provoke your Father, Divine, Supreme! Release your […]

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Humans say NO to darkness

  Humans Say NO to Darkness   Humans say NO to darkness. Think you dream? You are not! Truth explodes! Huge tsunamis spill from all hottest spot!   A handful of God’s children. You have muzzled to slaves. You have killed our strongest. You have slaughtered our brave.   Ages long been we tortured. Fought […]

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Our World is up-side-down

  Our World Is Up-Side-Down   Our world is up-side-down, but we seem not to see. On our feet we wobble, but pretend no to be.   Deaf are we all, and blind, hypnotized in dark night, learned to lie, learned to endure, but forgot how to fight.   They want us all dispowered, all […]

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You’ll Not Believe It

  You’ll Not Believe It   You’ll not believe it, but the TIME has stopped. Eternity reigns now on Tiny Dot.   Don your white robe. Let your shoes at the door. Where you step now, is pure, Divine floor.   With pure heart, enter now your new birth. And thank your Trumpeter for your […]

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Unless you are a Warrior

  Unless You Are A Warrior   Unless you are, a Warrior, keep your mouth shut! Don’t ever think, God gave you Life, sit on your butt!   You hide on Earth, for you betrayed Eternal Life! And here you kill, His innocent, with monstrous knife!   Technology, is all you think, is Life and […]

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Momentum Reached!

  Momentum Reached! February 5, 2020   Momentum reached. This NOW the Truth has won. The Avalanche in monumental fall. Spirit of Truth, this giant Flood from God, blasts Final Wave on our Tiny Dot Ball! . . . IvankaTrump 6. Feb. Love you, Dad! . @EricTrump Feb 5 2020 @realDonaldTrump we are all so […]

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Yes. Great Decisions

  Yes. Great Decisions   Yes. Great Decisions are taken today in the Heavens. Be sure, Father never let us alone! His Christ is the One leading Trumpet on Gaia. NOT any laughable clown or clone! . . . .

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The Light Is Here!

  The Light Is Here!   The Light is here! Let God’s Kin rejoice! The Light is blinding! This was our choice!   Stand tall and see it! ‘Twas the Plan of God! We all together hit dark Gordian Knot!   Rejoice, you Children! Fill the streets and dance! Awakened have we from the darkness […]

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