The Joy In My Heart


The Joy In My Heart

Sunday, May 1st, 2022, 22:22


I dream feel again the Joy in my heart!

How long we’ve forgotten, my brothers?

How long carry yoke, and the chains at our feet,

and lost the Joy of smelling the flowers?


I wish feel again the Joy in my heart…

Oh, where are all the flowers of fields?

Oh, where is that sound of natural laughter

of children, Joy in our hearts yields?…


How empty of Joy from our cradle to grave!

How gruesome the problems we face!

Where are, that sweet laughter of children,

and flowers, and Beauty, and Grace?…


Like robots, our young wake up mornings.

Like robots, they miss Joy and glee…

Oh, where Paradise is to find,

a Human to be, and be Free?…


That Joy in the heart want to feel it!

That Joy, blasting hearts in full Love!

Oh, let Universes rain Freedom,

for us find Joy, high above!




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