There Is Divine Justice!


There Is Divine Justice!

June 20, 2022, 13:11


There is Divine Justice, implacable Law,

God created the very beginning,

that will chase you, and judge you, and force you to Light,

no matter the lies you were feeding!


There is Divine Karma, which hits back to you,

in your bunker or far in Deep Space!

There is no way to run, there is no way to hide,

but alone restoration in Grace!


How, ever, you think, to betray your Creator,

when yourself were created by Him?

How stupid are you, to still think you escape,

His Great Cosmos most Infinite rim?


Look at you, you are perfect, in a perfect design,

and you are, oh, so free, to exist!

What a silly endeavour, to kill and deceive,

and His Goodness in monstrous to twist!!!


For there is Divine Karma, which hits back to you,

in your bunker or far, in Deep Space!…

Now His Cosmos is Light, and in Light you dissolve,

and your miserable deeds have to face!


For there is Divine Justice, Implacable Law,

of the Almighty, Divine Creator!

Universe is now cleansed, purified to Light,

and there is no place left for a traitor!




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