It is the Light!


It Is The Light!

June 20, 2022, 11:11


It is the Light, it touches,

that wondrous butterfly,

hovering dew and flowers,

under the brilliant sky…


It is the Light, it’s kissing,

each blade of grass, each flower,

when gracefully it’s flying

all green, after the shower…


It doesn’t need its nectar!

No need for energy!

Of Light is he created,

in Light he swims to Be…


Oh, learn from that sweet Master!

What does he say in flight?

What is the song he sings us,

in great, majestic Light?


It is a Day of Greatness.

The Humans are alight!

The Hearts are all in fire

of Freedom, Aeons Fight!


The butterflies are flying

to Celebrate the Light

and Victory most wondrous,

after long, Aeons Fight!


The Avalanche is falling!

Tsunamis flood Earth bright!

Great Celebrations sound

the Victory of Light!


The butterfly is tiny.

But his Flight brings with him

all Light of Universes,

in Cosmic, Lighted Rim!




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