April 25, 2022, 15:11


Infinitesimal is your Knowing,

the higher your nose you all lift.

Keep your mouths shut over Planets,

Galactic, or Cosmic Earth shift.


From Stars is all simple man coming

to teach you respect Godly Law.

Destroyed you have Mother Gaia!

A scarecrow you are, of straw…


You lost, even before you started.

You got His permission to play

your miserable, dirty old roles,

to deeper learn His Godly way…


Don’t dare you touch our children!

Keep claws off our cherished the most!

Time came, you restructure your values!

In Truth, before starting, you lost!


Infinitesimal is your Knowing.

The Highest of Powers is Love!

The moment you, finally, grasp it,

then, only, you’ll jump an Octave!




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