I will restore the courage


I Will Restore The Courage

Sunday, April 24, 2022, 17:17


For I’ll restore the courage

in every wounded heart!…

To every broken child

I’ll send a gentle barth…


To Truth I’ll be restoring

all monster’s wicked lies,

till never, Earth our Mother

again in tears cries…


To Sanity I’ll straighten

the twisted children minds,

with Joy and laughter Healing

all bad, distorted kinds…


I will restore to healthy

their purity, regain

identity to find,

in Truth, away from pain!


In chest Divine I’ll straighten

all children Godly hearts,

till all powerful Gaia

Golden New Era starts!


Supreme will reign Earth Mother

in sacred Sovereignty!

With Sovereign all her children,

in all Eternity!


Galacom Update 17 April-2022 - For The Best Scenario Of Life



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