Do You See This?

  Do You See This?   Do You see this, my Father, how Your Cosmic, the Truth, Divine Spirit of Truth, in Its Essence,   Is now trampled with boots, monster claws in hard puts, and Your Kin turned to blood, in dark credence?   Do You see this, my Father, how they fight with last […]

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Thanks God!

  Thanks God!   Thanks God! There is a Father of Love, Who can save us right when we think we’re lost!   For He only  knows our eons of Fights, cruel battles and wars, we have fought at all cost!   It was He, Who has healed our wounds, Who has wiped our tears holding […]

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Many call it Ascension

  Many Call It Ascension   Many call it Ascension. Is the lesson now learned? His sweet Son He was sending to teach Earth, how returned.   It’s a great day in Heavens. It’s a great day for man. Eons fight, all Creation giving all. Not in vain!   The Ascension is ours. All these […]

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What A New Day!

  What A New Day! To Trump & Q   What a new day for our new born planet! What glorious a time we finally met!   Rejoice, my brothers,  for such great a marvel, but once it comes, we’ll second never get!   Rejoice, for our enslavement days are finished! The tide has turned, […]

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