How could I ever tell you?


How Could I Ever Tell You?

Sunday, April 24, 2022, 04:24 pm


So immense all Creation!

So infinite all dreams…

How could I ever tell you,

nothing is as it seems?


How could I ever tell you,

you are a blinding Light,

to liberate all children,

come down on Earth to fight?


You really believe them,

in all Infinity

of vibrant Grand Creation,

the only life to be?


You really believe them,

you are a clotz of flesh,

when every night you climb Home,

your battery refresh?


Take off your eyes the blinders!

Throw your muzzles away!

A brilliant Light He born you,

Victorious all the way!


It took Aeons of battles,

our army to regroup,

to learn, the Swords to handle,

to build majestic troupe!


I know, we are all tired,

exhausted, wounded, all…

But Victory is ours!

Not one shall, this time, fall!


For I will tell you straightly:

You are a brilliant Light,

by Great Creator Mighty

sent to Win this Last Fight!




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