For the dynamic divine


For The Dynamic Divine

April 23, 2022, 12:22


One moment is Thought, in its essence.

One moment the speed of its Flight.

Like worms are we walling through morass,

compared to Thought’s speedy might!


One moment is Thought, all eternal!

Compressed is all Time in a blink.

In NOW are we all, Grand Creation,

already in past, should you think!


God Won! His great Plan for Salvation!

Who can, ever, stop Plan Divine?

Who can, ever match speed dynamic,

in Quantum that’s His, and not thine?


The Aeons saw them masquerading…

Exploiting children of God.

Read signs in the Sun, Stars and Heavens,

when, blazing, His Light hits His Rod!


Shocked will you jump from your trauma.

Shattered you’ll be by the Quake.

Stand strong! For His Truth will be flooding

all Earth, for His Kin to awake!


For the Dynamic Divine is in action!

Salvation’s Divine Plan is Won!

Dissolved is forever dark circus,

forever dark masquerade gone!…




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