Pretty Gruesome


Pretty Gruesome

July 22, 2022, 11:11


Pretty gruesome, is this

most amazing and wondrous a World!

Is this all you can give, are your talents so short,

when your powers creative unfold?


Vital Force you depleted, Mother Earth cries in rage,

sucked you children of marrow and blood!

I see gruesome and ugly and cruel a world:

Would you say… Time is ripe for a flood?


All you can is but evil. Masters of violence!

You love murder, destruction and pain…

You were born a creator, but betrayed — and lost!

Are you happy with living in vain?


There is Truth! There is Beauty! There is Love! There is Light!

Are you blind to Wonders Divine?

Leave your torments and breathe… He’d heal you on the spot,

you’d remember that FATHER is thine!




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