No Birdie Too Tiny


No Birdie Too Tiny

July 20, 2022, 20:20


The World’s full of Wonders,

right in front our nose,

trees and flowers and butterflies, jay…


And no bird is too tiny,

no grass is too small,

for great Joy to be carried away…


There was so hot allover,

and still hotter each day,

and the birds kept all tucked in their nest,


Till some clouds came together,

and the rain started sing,

and they flew free to do their best!…


They could not hide their pleasure,

in that little bird bath,

swirling happy around to wash,


Diving their tiny bodies,

one, two, three times, in Joy,

sparrow family, jays, in a rush!


No bird is too tiny,

no being too small,

that sweet Joy of Creation to show,


For His LOVE reigns in fullness,

in all hearts, big or small,

blessing Life in a Happiness blow!




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