A New Dance


A New Dance

January 10, 2022, 14:44


A New Dance is this, so amazing New Dance,

a Dance of a Joy never seen!…

Woven Dance of long Aeons of sufferance and pain,

crystallizing a New Human Bein’…


The new steps we have learned in the trenches of wars…

The new turnings with tears in our eye…

A new stance we have now, dignified and true.

This New Life we will ever not cry!…


Mother Earth was the Master, the strongest of all.

Carried all Father’s Kin, she stood tall.

Learning stand and not bend, she was teaching us strength,

a New Dance, never give up and fall…


Full of Wonder, this New and Miraculous Dance!…

All the worlds Celebrate our Glee!

Never been, never seen, Liberation of Man,

a New Dance birthed Cosmos to Be!…




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