Freedom! June 1st, 2020, 11:22   It won’t come from alone. We have to fight for it. To conquer we came here. Never or Now —  so be it.   It is the Fight of Eons. The choice of endless age. Stand strong, for never ever again, you’ll sit in cage!   Your ears […]

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You have no means to grasp

  You Have No Means To Grasp   You have no means to grasp all the Works of My Father! Nor conceive will you ever Acts of Heavenly Brother!   You can fetch some ideas. You can sing some good creeds. How — I ask you, you’ll journey to the core of His Deeds?   […]

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I want to say so much!

  I Want To Say So Much! May 22, 2020, 11:00   I want to say so much! I want say it so greatly! I want burst all expressions, to be able to paint it!   Oh, the words are too shallow! Words are short, words are small… How will I ever picture, FREEDOM’s New […]

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Is the Trumpet of Freedom

  Is The Trumpet of FREEDOM   Is the Trumpet of Freedom. In all eons to come, never ever you’ll find such an Act, perfect done!   This unique Act of Freedom! In all records you’ll see,  such magnificence, second, will not possibly be!   For this Act is of Father. In eternal His Love, […]

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It’s The Day!

  It’s The Day! April 26, 2020, 11:44   And if you open eyes, see This Day in its might! See this Day! Day of Freedom! Freedom Day! End of fight!   Nothing is – as it once was. Rub your eyes! All is new! New the Sun! New the Eon! God’s Kin free! Free […]

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Wake up now!

  Wake Up Now!   Wake up now, my slave brothers, the long night is now done! Put an end to all weakness, Liberation has come!   Wake up now and start breathing! New Life-force all around! A New Life is now birthing in the Love all abound!   Wipe your eyes, crying’s over! A […]

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On the wings of His Love

  On The Wings Of His Love   On the wings of His Love we are breathing. On the wings of His Love we all fly! He’s the All, outer Him there is nothing, not an atom or any small fly!   See how stupid to say you are Godless. When All BEING comprised is in Him! […]

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What’s this so shiny glitter?

  What’s This So Shiny Glitter?   What’s this so shiny glitter on the world, today? How silver, gold and rainbows, in light? How El Sol blasts his rays on this planet, in such glory, such gold shining might?   New, this day, and the Earth seems be breathing the Renewal, amazing, alive! Wonder pulsing […]

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The Divine State of Life

  The Divine State of Life   The Divine State of Life is too sacred. Do not try, even, touch or attack! The Divine State of Life is God’s own gift Supreme, God will never take back.   In this Sanctity lays all His Secret. Is the Secret of Life Infinite. Do not take it […]

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  Revelation 02. 02, 2020, 20:02   You’ve written with Your Holy Hand, on my forehead, FREEDOM.   For in all lives You gave me, all I fought for was FREEDOM.   In all missions  You sent me, I was aiming for FREEDOM.   Even in mother womb, danced I happy for TREEDOM.   So, first […]

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