To bring us back our Hope

  To Bring Us Back Our Hope   To bring us back our hope, it took a while… In shock we took our heads in hands, to cry!   How many children,  God had to be seeing, being killed, when shouting out to the sky?   Imagine! Just imagine Angel’s Trumpets! Imagine child surviving shot […]

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While the World turned

  While the World Turned October 6, 2019, 12:12   While the world turned a vicious shot was screaming! It reached the Heights and all the hearts have stopped!   The wickedness was giving monsters laughter, while Hope and Truth and Love in mankind chopped!   When Heavens heard our Gaia mighty screaming, all armies […]

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For we have never known

  For We Have Never Known   For we have never known, nor did we feel this magic Joy, the essence of all FREEDOM! Immersed were we in suffering and pain, in this Divine, Eternal Loving Kingdom!   So, raise, my brothers! Father has ordained His Light reborn! His Love! His Truth! His FREEDOM! Rejoice […]

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The Universal JOY Message!

  The Universal JOY Message! September 29, 2019, 11:55   It’s here! Celebrations, start! Let JOY all flooding, Worlds all overflow! Wake up! Descend to streets! Fill Earth with dancing! Fill hearts with Joy Divine, in Golden Glow!   The Avalanche is here! Joy arrived! Let’s all in Golden Truth Tsunami bathe! We sing with […]

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One gong more

  One Gong More September 26, 2019, 11:22   One gong more Won’t I stand Your Kin crying!   One gong more won’t accept  Your Kin die!   STOP! I now monster life in Your Kingdom!   MANIFEST! Father’s Love in all sky! . . .

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The Skies have opened!

  The Skies Have opened! September 22, 3:33 pm   The skies have opened! Opened have the skies! All Gates and Portals to Free Worlds are free!   Darkness is conquered! All the veils broken. Humans! Your Golden Era came to BE! . Blazing Quasar, NASA/JPL-Caltech, September 27, 2019 . .  

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Ignite the Joy!

  Ignite the Joy! September 22, 2019, 14:44   Ignite the Joy! All bells of Cosmos ring! Give free your voice! You finally awoke! To trillions they sing and dance, your brethren, seeing your Prison Planet FREE of yoke!   But once is possible, this mighty FREEDOM, for every galaxy, dimension, globe! It’s now, you […]

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