The Skies have opened!

  The Skies Have opened! September 22, 3:33 pm   The skies have opened! Opened have the skies! All Gates and Portals to Free Worlds are free!   Darkness is conquered! All the veils broken. Humans! Your Golden Era came to BE! . . .  

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Ignite the Joy!

  Ignite the Joy! September 22, 2019, 14:44   Ignite the Joy! All bells of Cosmos ring! Give free your voice! You finally awoke! To trillions they sing and dance, your brethren, seeing your Prison Planet FREE of yoke!   But once is possible, this mighty FREEDOM, for every galaxy, dimension, globe! It’s now, you […]

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The God’s Children Exploit

  The God’s Children Exploit   The God’s Children exploit proportions grew, unprecedented ever, by monster’s crew!   We Children of the Father in Holy Act, call our FREEDOM sacred and do enact!   Our Sun is celebrating our perfect win. The rightful heir are we, God’s Own Kin.   Watch! All your monstrous hijack […]

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The Ode to The Joy

  The Ode to the Joy August 21, 2019, 21:11   The Ode to the Joy is now filling all Heavens, living Ode to the Joy mighty ripples all Space; Vibrant Ode to the Joy is resounding circles, in all dancing Creation, in all Love and in Grace…   We all crossed the Age threshold, we […]

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The New shall be Newer

  The New Shall Be Newer   The New shall be Newer and the New shall be New, we’ll feel New all around, searching for the New cue…   The New Day shall be this day and all days after it. And we’ll shout the Newness from the mountains pit!   For this New were […]

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Welcome, Lion!

Welcome, Lion! August 8, 2019, 10:10   We already left for the stars. Father is our pilot.   We took off already. We are all on our way Home. All Portals are large open. . . YESSS. This is the real Lion’s Gate Portal, Lions themselves opened on 8/8 for us / NewEarth to fly […]

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Blossom, August 5, 2019

  Blossom, August 5, 2019   Welcome once again to you. The Energies coming through to our Planet are still very strong and knocking us all about in their own sweet ways! I am wondering what else you could add to that which you have been speaking of lately, regarding all that is going on […]

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