A Brave New World


A Brave New World

February 5, 2023, 04:44 pm


A Brave New World we enter all today.

Step humble, for this is His Greatest Gift.

Wash the old off, and take your robe of lilies,

to greet the Light of Luminous New Shift.


The Halls of Heavens are all paved with flowers.

In their Beauty our Hearts delight…

Mighty we open our chest, to Marvels,

we recognize again in brilliant Light!


The wars all wounded fathers, sons and brothers…

In tears covered, mothers walk the floor.

But loving Angels heal the old wounds;

Aeons of pain we leave behind the door…


In splendor Father has adorned His Palace…

A Freedom Song resounds through the air…

His Love and Joy fill every Heart of ours,

in this New Wonder, Heavenly new flair…


In this New World, we see all shiny Souls.

Gone, painful darkness, suffering and screams…

Bathed in Light we see each other Presence,

in Father’s Joyous Mighty Rainbow beams…


A Brave New World we entered all today,

the Liberated all, from monster trance…

In Father’s Arms, lost Paradise we found,

our Joy and Laughter fill all streets to dance!…




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