I Discovered A Key


I Discovered A Key

February 5, 2023, 22:22


I discovered a Key — Oh, how clever of me!

And I’ll share, in fullness, with you:

We all scramble our mind, we all bang our head

on the walls — but I think this is true!


Some balloons in the sky: To read weather? To spy?

Carry bombs? Carry germs? Will we die?

Silly we look at them, for we don’t have a clue,

wet our pants all the way to the sky…


Hysteria we know well, is our habit to be:

if you’re crazy, I am crazier still…

None of us calmly thinks, the right question to put:

“What if these balls are ours, to kill?”


To kill chickens, or eggs, cows and pigs and all meat,

teach the folk what a “Reset” might mean!

Eat some crickets, some bugs, those adorable rats,

and be happy, of Carbon so clean!


Our children would stand straight, upright, to learn Truth,

but are jabbed right from birth, and confused…

Lost they are, if you ask: “Are you girl? Are you boy?”

Body, Mind, and Soul — abused…


If the leaders know NOT, how a problem to solve,

swiftly end the ridiculous show,

how can we ask a kid, crazy me, crazy you,

shoot an arrow, the balloon to blow???


Five days long balloons float, but the brave and the meek

hanging head swallow lie after lie…

For there is war, and crime, and right questions to put,

in this world turned insane, lost in cry…


So, the Key is: get smart! Don’t accept murky lies!

Lift your head, and in Dignity, Be!

It is YOU who were sent, this Earth Mother to save,

and your brothers and sisters set Free!




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