i sing Universum Free!…


I Sing Universum Free!…

January 10, 2022, 01:44 pm


I shout and sing Universum all Free!…

I fly on the Music of Spheres…

Invite all Creation in Thunderous song,

this year, and through all coming years!


I spread Father’s message with powerful voice!…

Resound His Cosmos vibrations!…

Invite all the brothers who helped us, as One,

get Free and freed all of Creation!…


See Gold-blinding Light of a Free Universe!

Dissolved is now darkness for ever!

Like Thunder we sing human Willpower strong,

to never lose Freedom, not ever!


I sing Infinite Universum all Free!…

Constellations unite in one ring!…

We ride Father’s Worlds in His Brilliant Light,

in Thunderous Joy dance and sing…




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