For Freedom Is Our Birthright!


For FREEDOM Is Our Birthright!

September 22, 2022, 11:11


For FREEDOM is our Birthright to Be,

as His Principle in His Grand Universe.

Loser, you, trampling this greatest Gift,

wearing your culotte à l’inverse!…


Precious gift, you blind ones, didn’t see!

Precious still, our Free Will to Choose!

Chosen you to betray Godly LOVE,

to destroy, and to kill… and to lose!!!


What you sow, you shall reap: you forgot!

You forgot to respect Sacred Laws!

We are Spirit of His Spirit Divine,

and His Infinite LOVE is so close!…


Now you fuss, that this planet is yours!

You betrayed: lost great Gift of Creating!!!

Beyond adrenochrome and graphene,

we can’t see any Good of your making!


Know: Creation is saved by His Power.

Know: His Will has decided, you go!

You reap now what you sown. Is your moment.

Earth is spitting you off with a blow!




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